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Do you Vote ?

Such is the public. The definition of “PUBLIC” , in part, from Ballentine’s Law Dictionary–

” The populance; the community; That vast multitude, which includes the ignorant, the unthinking, and the credulous, who, in making purchases, do not stop to analyze, but are governed by appearance and general impressions.”

What this defacto voting system accomplishes is to institute a “Public” that is dependent on a fictional, soulless surrogate father; The State (i.e. statism). The existing mobocracy places the state in control by people who seem to want free handouts. In othe words; the shiftless ones who want to be babysat by daddy government. Do you really want to continue having this imposed?

Fictional dependency may be referenced by, and attached to, the political dicta found in the communist manifesto; The breaking up of families. Such empowerment would not be possible if people had strong local community and family ties. Simply put; Why do you need your family when you can get handouts from your fictional parent or guardian; The State.

Now I’ll briefly explain how the secret Fourteenth Amendment formula tacitly provides subversive empowerment to the communist system that is presently in place, i.e. the so-called Democracy. The scheme used on the ignorant consent of “Americans” is as follows;

When a U.S. citizen i.e. citizen of the United States, votes;
1. Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment induces them to participate in a rebellion.

2. All voters create a rebellion against their constitutional state government{s} dejure.

3. This disobedience is set up to be a crime under Section 2 of said amendment.

4. Such de facto suffrage is deemed treason. Accordingly, this de facto suffrage brands a voter a slave pursuant to the insurgents ‘ Thirteenth Amendment.

5. thus by voting they have voluntarily given-up their freedom as protected by the de jure Constitution, which is still in full force and effect by clauses in Section 3.

Accordingly the Fourteenth Amendment creates a quiet war. A Voter is actually Empowering the Communistic Totalitarian Dictatorship!

Voting puts a man or “person” in full control of the insurgent government{s} de facto, which also perpetuates the power of the bastard de facto governmental socialistic system; The Subversive Elitists who are the so-called Democracy! The submission of de facto suffrage can also be referenced in the Declaration of Independence, wherein it is stated;

“….Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed….”

The foregoing organic law is an American Doctrine that is based on the law of nations. Simply put, you vote…You consent to your enslavement.

This unwitting submission is due to your orchestrated ignorance, as no law or constitutional law is presented in schools whatsoever. This includes any in depth study in law schools either.

For your planned ignorance, see the dicta that can be found in the communist manifesto, which is; Free Public School Education. Also observe stealthy control of all American education, via your honored Social Security Number, in the United States Code; Title 42 – The Public Health and Welfare and the Code of Federal Regulations; Title 34 – Education.

You may further reference this communistic plot here; Title 8 USC & 1151 Worldwide Level of Immigration, which is fundamentally the mass importation of common voters. In other words, People who perpetuate the mobocracy, which accordingly feeds the so-called Democracy.

Ultimately, what this is all about is creating a control source for the “Human Resources”, of course in benefit of the World Elite. All the Elitists want are slave laborers to perpetuate their wealth. Factually, they really do not care about anyone; although they have to pretend they do. i.e. Socialism. This is to keep down the opposition of Americans until their stealthy plan is fully executed. i.e. Global Communism with a Fascist brute force attitude. Your Utopia. And be advised THEY are about to conclude their World Governance Scheme.

Go ahead, make a difference in the de facto system, VOTE !!!

Such is the public. The definition of “PUBLIC” , in part, from Ballentine’s Law Dictionary–

” The populance; the community; That vast multitude, which includes the ignorant, the unthinking, and the credulous, who, in making purchases, do not stop to analyze, but are governed by appearance and general impressions.”


“Those most hopelessly enslaved are those who falsely believe they are free” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

and furthermore;

In 1762 Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote; “The Social Contract or Principles of Political Right,” In this particular writing he stated the following about the political rights of people;

“…the political rights of people would be best guarded if they were kept very local, not broad.”

The Republic political premise under the Constitution is based on the premise of local principles noted by Jean Jacques Rousseau. These principles are fundamentally noted as;

The several states of America—which are American republics and/or nations, i.e. the collective are so entitled the people—are separated from each other.
All people of a particular state were citizens (nationals) of the particular state in which they lived (American national, e.g. Idaho national, Montana national, etc..
( Watch the collective attack this original founding principle)

Compare to current definition in Black’s Law Dictionary—COUNTRY. The territory occupied by an independent nation or people, or the inhabitants of such territory. In the primary meaning “country” denotes the population, the nation, the state, or the government, having possession and dominion over a territory. A bit vague, is it not. No! The change of definition is not due to modernization.

Further, it does get old hearing people say ” Times have changed ” or ” The Constitution is old” . It is evident they have been programmed by Communist dicta.

See Communist Manifesto, Plank 10 — Public School Education. Marxism needs to control minds. Legally, your state or country of birth is where your lawful (constitutional) allegiance is! See Title 8 USC – 1101(a)(21).

The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state. For further information on state nationalities, based on the Law of Nations, see 1984 U.S. government Style Manual, chapter 5.22/5.23

The United States government is separate from peoples of the several republics.

Furthermore, to continue this political curriculum, Alexander Hamilton set forth this in Federalist Paper number 9 in reference to the proposed government of the federation; it was the premise of the United States’ non-interference in the affairs of the several American republics;

” As this government is composed of small republics, it enjoys the internal happiness of each.”

Following the Republic political reasoning found in the Federalist Papers, the founding fathers fully outlined what a Republic Form of Government was to consist of in the Papers.

Again, the Republican Form of Government is guaranteed to the states by the Union, i.e. via the federal government, in Article IV, Section 4, of the Constitution. Such form of government is clearly noted by the following statement by James Madison in Federalist Paper 10:

” The two great points of difference between a Democracy and a Republic are; First, the delegation of the government, in the latter, to a small number of citizens elected by the rest; Secondly, the greater number of citizens, and greater sphere of country, over which the latter may be extended. ”

In other words; The several republics make up the federal government; many local controlled governments extending outward from the counties of each republic;

Not inward as it is now. Currently, money is taken from each republic, then is distributed amongst the several States as the federal government sees fit. The federal government uses such power as leverage against the States to dictate “ITS” policies to them.

These measures destroy the fundamental purpose of the Ninth and Tenth Articles in Amendment, which protected the states.

Moreover, a nation which does not contribute as much as another takes from one that is more productive, thus destroying the internal happiness of each republic as originally outlined by the founding fathers. The non-productive have no incentive to become more productive, and the productive have less incentive to remain productive to benefit its society.

( If a negro could ruin this place in only four years it must not have been much of a place! Guess what, he gets another four to conclude the plan.)

Thus I have parked three of my businesses indefinitely, taken retirement early, dissolved all legal and binding contractual state and federal contracts, protected assets, and turned my back on this communist system. Now we watch the destruction.

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